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Weight Loss Diet Plans

Weight Loss Diet Plans

The Weight Loss Diet Plan that Keeps the Weight Off

Especially here, in fast paced Las Vegas, everyone is looking for quick weight loss.  But sometimes, no matter how hard you diet, the weight just won’t come off. There are so many weight loss diet plans and promises of ways to lose weight fast. If you have tried some “fast weight loss” plans and not been successful in losing weight and keeping it off, it may be time to get serious about identifying and dealing with your weight loss resistance.

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Metabolism and Weight Loss

Most weight loss resistance is due to the metabolism being out of balance.  Today’s hectic and stressful pace of life, added to our poor eating habits where we often eat on the run and fill ourselves full of the wrong kinds of calories, can wreak havoc with our body’s ability to store and regulate energy use and to build and sustain healthy cells, which is called metabolism.

Everyone has inherited and acquired metabolic tendencies.  Men tend to have faster metabolisms than women. Some families share high energy levels, others are a bit slower. And, as we grow older, the metabolism slows naturally.  In some people, damage done by disease, stress and other factors makes the metabolism less efficient as well.

What we are looking to do is both adapt a diet to your natural metabolic rate and at the same time raise your resting metabolic rate.  The higher that rate, the more calories you will burn even when you are not active.

There are things you can do to naturally speed up a sluggish metabolism.  Following a balanced, healthy metabolic diet over the long term is the most important, ongoing element of regulating your metabolism, but here are some other tips to help out:

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  • Drink water.  Most people are dehydrated most of the time and are unaware of it.  In our busy lives we forget that our bodies need constant replenishment of liquids.  When the body is thirsty, the liver can’t perform its processing functions well, and the metabolism slows. Drink a minimum of 6 eight ounce glasses of water a day, more if you live in a hot, dry climate like Las Vegas.
  • Exercise regularly.  Studies show even short bursts of high-intensity exercise will increase your resting metabolic rate which will help with weight loss.
  • Build muscle.  Muscle burns more calories that fat does.  Lift weights or incorporate calisthenics or repetitive movements like sit ups and squats into your daily exercise routine.
  • Drink green tea. Green tea contains catechins and small amounts of caffeine that can help speed up your metabolism. And, green tea is full of flavonoids and anti-oxidants that can help reduce your risk of diseases like cancer.
  • Eat smaller meals. We tend to sit down to a few large meals a day, but a healthier way of eating that will even out and better regulate your metabolism is to eat smaller amounts every 4-5 hours.
  • Spice it up. Spicy foods like peppers contain capsaicin which give these foods their heat but also have healthful effects such as anti-inflammatory properties and preventing blood clots.  They also increase metabolic rates and are a great regular addition to make your meals more interesting.
  • Learn to eat a balanced diet.   Eating to lose weight and eating for life are the same thing.  There are no magic diets that you follow for a time and then go back to your old bad eating habits.  You know the drill.  The weight comes right back.   Learn a few good habits and your weight will come off and stay off, and your newly balanced metabolism will give you lots of energy to get more out of life.

For people wishing for a healthy weight loss diet plan, Dr. Ekstrom’s  Las Vegas weight loss program will give you the recipe to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Getting Started Metabolic Weight Loss Program

In our Getting Started Metabolic Program we will give you a weight loss diet plan on your first appointment.  Your custom diet plan will:

  • Be chosen specifically for you from many weight loss diet plans based on your personal metabolic profile.
  • Include different choices of menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you can choose from (If you do not like sardines, do not choose that particular menu for tonight.)
  • Be thoroughly nutritionally balanced among proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Include regular monitoring and counseling to keep you on track, measure and adjust your metabolic plan and give you the tools you need to build a solid dietary foundation

Call Dr. Ekstrom today 702-363-9260 to get started on your affordable Metabolic Weight Loss Program.